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Dodgeball Record

Some school broke our dodgeball record for the most number of people playing dodgeball at one go. So we decided to set the bar so high nobody could beat us again! (yeah right).

IMG_0195.jpg IMG_0196.jpg IMG_0197.jpg IMG_0198.jpg

I was on the green team. I skipped one lecture for this… crazy. And after that I had a midterm, so i did not do my last minute preparation for that and i left the game early because I did not want to miss my MIDTERM.

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The people here are crazy over dodgeball. I went to play a game with the people from my level. There is a competition between the various levels of the halls for the dodgeball championship. Thats like the IHG here. Our team really was not very good at all. We had 18 players and they had 12, yet the other team won almost all the matches.

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In my SEP university, we only have 5GB of download data and 2GB of upload data per week. And we have to pay more than $24 Canadian a month for this service, which is also subject to “traffic shaping”. This means our data rate will be restricted if we are doing p2p activity.

Anyway, the internet connection requires an elaborate setting of a static IP address, and thereafter on a mac we need to login thru the terminal to SSH (ah an iphone friendly term) and create a secure tunnel where the data will be transmitted to and from the server.

So the most irritating thing about using the internet now is the fact that everytime i want to do so, i have to open the terminal and type more than 20 characters before i can surf the net. Naturally, i felt that this would not do. As such, I decided that I would do some research on applescript, which i found to be very hard. The local people on Hardwarezone Apple Clinic were only too clueless to help. But finally, I got the code running.

Using automator, i create an application workflow and run applescript. Within the field, I type:

on run {input, parameters}

tell application “Terminal”

do script “ssh samales@” — opens a new window

delay 1 do script “password” in front window

end tell

end run

Then I save the script to the desktop and test it. (this is the final result – many of my previous attempts caused terminal to hang!)

While the storing of the password in the workflow file may be dangerous, by ensuring nobody uses my mac unnecessarily or hiding the file and using spotlight to activate it (command-spacebar then type the filename), it is a pretty decent solution to having to go through the arduous process of manually typing the terminal commands.

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Ski Trip to Rabbit Hill

I went on my first skiing session. It was really exciting. For the most part, i think that rabbit hill is quite steep compared to other beginner slopes. But I guess the steeper learning curve wouldnt hurt right?

Well, falling on the snow is even better than falling into water. It is almost not painful at all, unless u crash into compacted snow. I was mainly trying to control my speed more than any thing. Fun times though.

Rabbit Hill Ski resort
edward, lily and me.
Going up the chair lift


thanks alot edward for this photo. Uber loser i was, falling AFTER reaching the bottom of the slope.

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Finally I found some Singaporeans. I found them on facebook by the way! There are 4 people from NTU, and one of them knows my sister.


A happy family gathering 🙂

There are many graduate students too, not just undergrads. And I met kellie, who told me uncle eddie did not know i was here. Seems my mom has not been doing a good job back home…

At the very least i am thankful to find the NTU exchange students. We are going to Banff together!

We went to drink bubble tea at the old strathcona area, then we went to eat at Chianty, the building which i had photographed earlier but did not know what its name was. This was because Sarah though i was muslim so she chose a halal place. lol. hazards of my skin colour. But the food (pasta) was decent and the service was also great.

Thanks to Sarah and Phili for organising the outing!

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Truth be told, I feel a little ashamed for having to do things alone. Compared to other people on SEP, my life must not be very exciting. For now edward has really busy weekdays and cannot join me, so I decided to go to one of edmonton’s more happening places: Old Strathcona and check it out. It is not a very exciting place really, but it definitely is an interesting place. It is a kind of outdoor shopping and dining district, unenclosed by a mall. I took the bus down to the end of Old Strathcona and started walking back towards the university, taking photos as I went along. I guess the place didn’t really look so exciting, so i decided to use Adobe Lightroom to make it a more vibrant place.

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A typical street view along whyte ave (82 ave)
The farmer’s market. Next time i will go before 3pm so i can go in.
A little bit of sun.
Kind of a summary of the place really.
A few Nice sculptures can be found.
Artistic shot.
The grainy road is shiny because of the soil laid to melt the ice and improve friction.
This building changed names so many times i don’t really know what it is now.

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West Edmonton Mall

With not much time to shop around the last time, we are back at West Edmonton Mall to do proper shopping. Specifically, we needed to get some water/snow/windproof ski clothing. I must say that I was extremely pleased at finding an Old Navy jacket that did the job very well. And the best part was that it cost under 10 canadian bucks. It was really a steal. I was prepared to spend much more. I like the jacket so very much. I mean, if i can get a jacket that has a hood, inner fabric lining and ample zipped pockets and was waterproof for $10, it means that all the brand name jackets that are sold at sportchek and coast mountain sports were sold for at least a 1500% profit. Granted that these jackets can prove themselves in extreme weather, but just thinking about the paltry production costs involved! Surely Gore-tex does not cost $100. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind buying a H/H jacket or a north face one or a DC one for that matter if i was staying in canada for a long time. But as it went, a short SEP timeframe does not really warrant me spending so much money on jackets.

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