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This is my final post on this blog. I made this blog to remember my SEP experience, kind of like a personal journal, as well as to let people who cared to read about how i was doing while i was away. Now that this blog has served its purpose, i am done with it. I will be happy to answer any questions that anyone may have about doing a Student Exchange Program in the University of Alberta, and also about what to do in California and in Canada.

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End of my SEP

My SEP experience was initially fraught with uncertainty. I will summarise my experience here

  1. I wanted to travel a little in North America before returning to Singapore because I was already in the region.
  2. I was supposed to do the travelling bit with my friend but he pulled out after i had bought my ticket and was in Canada already.
  3. I was initially supposed to fly into Edmonton on the 29th but i rescheduled to go to Boston on the 28th so that I would not be spending the new year alone.
  4. I joined my lab partner for a pre-SEP trip to New York and Boston.
  5. I started my SEP thinking I was the only one from NUS but soon found that my neighbour was also from NUS. I had a lunch buddy!
  6. I found the modules and courses that I did on exchange to be very exciting.
  7. I met more Singaporeans studying in Edmonton (they were permanent students there)
  8. I met 4 NTU exchange students in the UofA as well.
  9. I went to Calgary and Banff with my SEP buddy (my neighbour) and a friend I met in New York and did a lot of skiing there.
  10. I did a lot of skating as well at the UofA ice arena as well as at the william hawrelak park lake.
  11. I went to East Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Quebec) with my SEP buddy and watched an NBA game in Toronto as well. We had to skip 2 days of school for this.
  12. I went to Jasper with 6 other Singaporeans and my SEP buddy a few weeks before the exams. We cycled there and visited many of the lakes.
  13. We had quite a few dinner gatherings.
  14. I went to California with the friend I met in New York.
  15. I managed to meet 2 groups of friends and travel with them at certain points of my California trip.

I think my trip was an eventful one and I am thankful that everything turned out alright. It was an unforgettable experience.

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So this marks the end of my post Student Exchange Trip to California. It was quite and exciting experience travelling with someone whom i barely knew. I did not get to do all the things i wanted but all in all we managed to accomplish a lot of things and travelled to a lot of places.

I shall link all my Picasa Web Albums here because I was unable to add pictures to my posts. Sorry!

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