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I had quite an experience booking my air ticket. Reason being, I was waiting for inputs from other people on their pre-sep and post-sep travel plans. So anyway, I delayed till after the exams before I decided to book my ticket.
Because I didn’t know better, I tried booking from zuji. Zuji is very slow, especially on a Sunday. I was waiting for the server so long that my day was fully booked by the time the page loaded. According to zuji, united airlines were giving te best rates so I went directly to the united airlines website and tried booking from there. I was successful, but by a hairs breadth. The price of tickets on the day I wanted to fly off skyrocketed by $3000! So I selected the next best day. I was actually contemplating between booking via an agent the next day, or settling it there and then, because I was thinking that if the flight was full on Sunday, I would not stand a chance on Monday. Hazards of trying to plan things with others.
Anyway, I recommend sta travel instead. They do have student promotions, usually has the best rates, and you are able to book an open return ticket. This is very helpful in saving the rebooking fee. For me, I guess time and space did not really permit. Put simply, I was very unfortunate.
But sta travel is my recommended choice.

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